How to Seek Private Unemployment Insurance

How to Seek Private Unemployment Insurance

How to Seek Private Unemployment Insurance

Author: Leonard Garrett
There are some people who extend their unemployment benefits by using private unemployment plans. There are several private companies that offer unemployment insurance. You can receive a pay out for a small monthly fee should you become unemployed through no fault of your own. In this article we will discuss the pitfalls and things you need to look out for when you purchase private unemployment insurance.

Before taking out a private unemployment insurance policy check to see what their claim recovery rate is. If they only ever pay out on 30 percent of their claims then you should look elsewhere. They are legally obligated to give you this information so do not be afraid to ask for it.

Think twice before signing a policy that has a lot of pages. You may want to have someone you trust go through it with you. A lot of pages in a policy could be an indication that there are hidden things in the Unemployment Insurance Agreement. There is no reason why you cannot be given a short document with everything outlined in layman's terms.

Many times companies will only pay out if you were laid off, not fired. Make sure you understand the conditions in which your company will pay out. Some companies will try to hide this with clever language. If full comprehensive unemployment insurance is what you want then make sure this is what you are getting. There are several companies that offer this and will pay out provided you did not quite your job or were not fired for gross misconduct.

If you want accident or sickness coverage with your policy again make sure you understand the terms and conditions. Some companies will only pay out with a very expensive specialist diagnosis. Try to find a company that will pay simply by seeing your doctor.
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